Cryptologic provides consulting and project development services addressed to cryptographic and blockchain technology. We focus on financial and economic tools, legal vehicles design (Smart Contracts and DAO'S) and solutions for social and financial inclusion achieving through this way secures, transparents, auditables, and irreversibles actions.

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Our Services

Consulting and project development services addressed to cryptography, legal and blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Emission
Exchange Platforms Design
Smart Contracts and Dapp's
Payment processors and payment gateways
ICO campaigns (Developing ERC20 interface tokens)
Optimization & CodeAudit

Our Team

Competencies and professionals skills.
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Our Background

Consulting and Project development.

Bitsign's BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) is a service which acts as an abstraction layer and lets you interact with different types of blockchains and run descentralized apps (DApps) like Smart Contracts. Project Site
Sentinel Chain is a B2B marketplace specifically designed to provide affordable and secure financial services to the unbanked. Project Site
Ubanx will be the easiest way for everyone to access cryptocurrency and blockchain financial services, providing a digital platform and physical spaces to meet, learn and connect. Project Site
A complete and evolving banking and financial ecosystem based on Blockchain, “Mobile Money” and other Technologies, an alternativeto the traditional banking and financial system. Project Site
Holiback will be the first blockchain based tourism agency with premium services and products that can be bought with tokens and cryptocurrency. Project Site


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Rootstock RSK
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